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    Our instructors are qualified ski and snowboard instructors with Canadian (CSIA/CASI) and New Zealand (NZSIA/ SBINZ) instructor qualifications.

    Our team is professional and experienced and good at handling kids and adults.



    Chris GREEN

    I am so excited to be involved in this new Snow School with HCJ team. It has been a  dream of mine to do be involved in a new growing incredible business like this and the opportunity has arrived for me this season and many more to come.

    I was born in England, moved to Canada in 1999 and have been in the Ski/Snowboard industry for almost 20 years now. An instructor for 10 years then supervisor then Snow Sports Director in Japan for three seasons. I am currently head of snow boarding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec but am proud to accept my new position with Half Cab Japan in Madarao.

    CASI Snowboard Evaluator

    CASI Snowboard Instructor

    CSIA Ski Instructor




    Alex BURR

    Visiting this season with dates to be confirmed Alex Burr aka "CHEWY"

    A legend in Canada Snowboarding. CASI L4 Instructor, CASI L4 evaluator, basically as high as you can go !!!.

    He will be hopefully visiting 'Half Cab Japan" this winter to coach high end lessons, sessions (instructor training), as well as sharing his experience with short presentations (indoor sessions) about all aspects of coaching snowboarding. From day one on a board, teaching under 5 year old children, weather and conditions, different abilities to progressing and preparing instructors for any CASI course with us as we progress or where ever you travel to in the world.

    A dear friend that we can't wait to welcome him back to ride to with 'Half Cab Japan'.

    Just for fun and  to let you he is a terrible skier, TERRIBLE !!!


    CASI L4 Instructor

    CASI L4 evaluator





    Dean Hunter 

    Founder/Director, Rookie Academy, 1992

    Nationality: Kiwi 
    Started working in the industry: 1988 
    Home Mountain: Treble Cone
    Qualifications: NZSIA Examiner since 1994
    Countries where have you worked: Canada, Andorra, Austria, France, Japan, America, China and New Zealand
    Favourite Spots: Skied so many, love Treble Cone and mountain with great off- piste
    Career Highlight: Every day in my brilliant office
    Other Interests: Golf, Tennis, Fishing, playing most Games/Sports, outside Adventure, Classical music, Poetry and Traveling


    Dean Hunter has been skiing Treble Cone since he saved enough paper-run money for a season pass and a ride up the hill. He was about 11 years old then, hanging out in Wanaka with his parents on family holidays from his home town, Mosgiel.

    Dean started the Rookie Academy in 1992 and has been acknowledged as one of the most experienced and talented skiers you would be likely to find on the mountain. He has been an NZSIA examiner since 1994, former moguls competitor and has been instructing southern and northern hemisphere winters since 1988 in New Zealand, United States, Canada, Europe, China and Japan.

    He takes an active interest in every Trainee student, working hard to ensure that all students gain the essential base of technical skills that will allow them to achieve their snow sports goals. Dean strive to ensure everyone is well looked-after and is getting the utmost from their chosen training course and ski resort adventure.

    Dean lives in Wanaka with his wife Mugi and 3 daughters, Noa, Lia and Kee, he enjoys living life; these days spending more time chasing his girls around exploring different activities. On the rear summers he’s not away skiing the Northern Hemisphere winters. Dean is a keen rugby and sports fan, enjoys a drink (or two or three) and has been known to write poetry when the mood hits.

    NZSIA Trainer



    Joshua Duncan-Smith

    In 2011 I was fortunate to find my vocation for teaching working in a small ski school in the Swiss Alps. Since then my passion has provided me a rewarding career as a ski instructor. 

    I am a dual certified ski instructor and instructor trainer in New Zealand and Canada. Holding the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance (NZSIA) Trainer certificate and the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Level 4 certification, both qualifications are the highest standard in their respective organisation. 

    I am a qualified Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) development level race coach and hold the ISIA speed test, coaching both local children’s teams in Whistler, Canada and in the High Performance Centre, Cadrona, New Zealand.

    My work throughout the year includes teaching clients with a range of abilities in Japan and training candidates to pass NZSIA exams in New Zealand, China and Japan. My forte is in training clients to attain their maximum potential.

    I am fortunate to work as a trainer in one of the world’s most renowned instructor training centres, The Rookie Academy in New Zealand. 

    My YouTube channel ‘Josh Duncan Smith’ is where I regularly post videos demonstrating ski techniques. Search YouTube for 'Ski Tips In A Minute'.

    I am a member of the NZSIA Technical Team and I will represent the NZSIA at the next InterSki congress.

    I am an ambassador for Blizzard, Tecnica and the Jones Brothers, New Zealand.



    NZSIA Trainer

    CSIA L4 Instructor

    CSCF Race coach



    Raymond LOR

    The long-awaited thing finally happened. The Half Cab Japan Ski & Snowboarding School not only provides skiing or snowboarding teaching, but also a place to train the instructors. It is a pleasure to build this team with my close friends. In the six years of teaching experience, I told you that you only need to find a regular coach and learn systematically. It is not difficult to learn  skiing or snowboarding. Safety is the most important! 

    CASI Snowboard Instructor

    NZSIA Ski Instructor

    PSIA Ski Instructor



    Dragon CHAN

    It's a great relieve that we have set up a formal ski school in Japan, it will be the first ski school founded by Hongkongers which provide instructor training and exams from CASI and NZSIA. We can provide the best for both skiers and snowboarders.

    CASI Snowboard Instructor



    Pal WONG

    Every pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner, so dream big and start with us now.

    CASI Snowboard Instructor



    Eureka WOO

    Let's go and ski/ ride, it's time to enjoy the amazing snow we have. I am here for you to take you on the best journey in snowsports. Come ski/ ride with me.

    CASI Snowboard Instructor
    CSIA Ski Instructor
    NZSIA Adaptive Snowsports Instructor




    Diana YEUNG


    I am glad to be part of the team at Half Cab Japan. I am looking forwards to the upcoming ski season. 

    Snowboarding is very simple and direct, believe in it and receives the rewards it takes you.


     No matter which resort I am at, I am always dedicated to provide a safe and fun snowboarding experience for you all. I will help you to challenge yourself and improve, to have a wonderful and unforgetable memory.


    Come and snowboard with us, I look forwards to seeing you all soon.


    CASI Snowboard Instructor




    Leo CHEN

    Why is snowsports so fascinating? I think how "Journey to the West" describes the excitement of  somersaulting over the clouds and landing on another mountain is the feeling that snowsports give us. Let us  dive into the snow and enjoy the thrills of surfing over it!


    CASI Snowboard Instructor


    Kan CHUNG

    In order to my dreams, it was not easy to come to this day. I am very happy to join HCJ family and create more memories in the snow with everyone...


    CASI Snowboard Instructor



    Instructor recruitment

    With exciting ongoing development of our business in various ski resorts this season. Half Cab Japan is expanding our 2018/19 coaching staff. We welcome both experienced and new ski/snowboard professionals to join our team.

    You must be able to teach in Cantonese/Mandarin and English,

    We require staff to be eligible to work in Japan, have a working holiday visa or have 36 months of work experience in the snow industry to obtain a sponsored technical work visa.

    Also, have a current ski/snowboard instructor license (such as CASI / CSIA / NZSIA / SBINZ, APSI, etc.)

    If you have a double certificate (ski and Snowboard), you will have a higher chance of employment.

    International Driver's License will be required if possible.

    Accommodation and other benefits are available and open to discussion if you are a successful candidate.

    Basic English communication skills are essential

    If you are interested in joining us or finding out more about Half Cab Japan. Please email your questions, resume to admin@halfcab.jp